Phone Clocking Tips

Phone Clocking Punch Tips:

  • Wait for menu prompts. If the codes are entered before the menu has finished, the system may not acknowledge the data entered even if confirmed.

  • You must enter the # key after entering your GWid in order to submit your punch.  If you do not use the # key, the punch will not appear in the Time Reporting System.

  • The system will confirm the time when you time stamp. If it does not, try again.

  • When using a cell phone confirm you are pressing the correct keys.

    • When using a cell phone confirm you have full cell connection. If you do not ,the punch may be lost even if it says confirmed.

      • Example: If you are in an elevator, basement, or building with poor service.

  • Do not use speed dial.

  • If you clock in and then clock out within the same minute, only the first punch will be recorded. You must wait a full minute before clocking again

  • When using a cell phone, if you receive 'invalid GWid' message repeatedly or a blank noise try rebooting your phone. If you still get 'invalid GWid' message please email [email protected].