[email protected] - Succession

In the past, GW has had no formal process of identifying, developing, and retaining high performing employees.

Talent @GW - Succession will provide a formalized succession planning framework at the university for the first time. Employees will have more opportunity to align interests with advancement opportunities, and the university will be better positioned to retain and cultivate high performing talent.

Employees will have insight into the skills and experiences they should focus on developing to further their careers at GW. Talent @GW - Succession will aid in recognizing high potential employees throughout the university and in positioning them for leadership success.

Managers will be able to better manage talent scarcity, identify gaps and training needs more easily, and invest in employees by targeting individuals for career growth opportunities. The system allows key positions to be identified so that employee growth and retention can be managed to ensure institutional goals are met even with a dynamic and changing workforce.

Talent @GW - Succession is planned to launch in 2020.