[email protected] - Recruitment and Onboarding

In the past, hiring managers have been frustrated by the lack of transparency in the hiring process, which has led to delays when coordinating between the many offices involved. The recruitment system (PeopleAdmin) does not link applicant data to employee data, which has meant that onboarding new employees has been a disjointed process.

[email protected] GW will improve the recruitment and onboarding of all applicants and new employees to the university. Applicants will have an upgraded user experience and will transition to new employees all within the same system. Checklists will allow new employees and their managers to track and monitor next steps in the onboarding process. This will allow the new employee to focus on successful acclimation to their new role at GW.

Hiring will be initiated and processed in one place, and hiring managers will be able to submit recruitment actions and monitor the status of their hires all in one system.

Employee data will also be contained in this integrated system, which will allow for sharing of recruitment metrics and dashboard reports to help inform decision-making.

The [email protected] GW - Recruitment and Onboarding modules are planned to launch in Fall 2019.