Time Off & Leave

At GW we recognize the importance of taking time off from work to spend with family and friends, recharge, or recover from an illness.  In addition, we know that situations arise that require time away from work to recover or care for a family member.  At GW we provide a robust collection of time off and leave programs to support your wellbeing.

Annual Time

All full- and part-time employees are provided with annual time for various types of approved absences from work. 

Sick Time

Paid sick time is available for absences due to illness or medical treatments. If you are a regular full-time employee, you accrue sick time at a rate of eight hours per month.


GW generally observes 11 paid holidays per year.

Other Time Off

Regular employees receive paid GW parental leavebereavement timejury duty and birthday time off. GW also provides several options for unpaid leave including Federal and DC Family and Medical leaveDC Parental Leave and Military Duty Leave.

Leave of Absence

GW provides a number of leave options for employees requiring time away from work.  While most leaves of absence are unpaid, you may elect to use applicable accrued annual, sick, or other paid time off while on an approved leave of absence to remain in paid status.  However, even if you have enough annual and sick time to cover your leave period, applying for a leave of absence in many cases provides you with job protection that you would not receive if only using sick or annual time.