Telecommuting Self-Assessment

Once an employee's supervisor has determined that an employee is eligible for a telecommuting arrangement based on position, performance, readiness to supervisor a telecommuting employee, and the funding requirements of the department, the employee should complete a Telecommuting Self-Assessment.

The purpose of this assessment is to assist an employee in ascertaining whether he/she is a good candidate for a telecommuting arrangement and if the employee has the appropriate home environment for a telecommuting arrangement.  It also gives the employee an opportunity to consider the suitable number of days to telecommute.  However, a supervisor should not approve a telecommuting arrangement that allows for more days of telecommuting than initially determined to be appropriate in the Telecommuting Position Assessment

Completing the form does not guarantee that an employee will be granted a telecommuting arrangement.  The decision to establish a telecommuting arrangement is at the discretion of the employee’s supervisor and senior management with guidance from Human Resources.

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