[email protected] - Learning

In the past, GW has implemented online learning systems that have tracked elearning but that weren’t integrated with other aspects of employee development. Using the system only guaranteed that courses taken in the system were tracked, and due to a lack of integration with employee data, reporting on what was or was not complete was not always accurate. Online learning libraries, like Lynda.com, had to be accessed separately and could not be linked to an employee’s development profile.

Now, with the [email protected] GW learning module, there are easy-to-use tools to help you keep track of your professional development at GW.

The learning module provides a single destination for online and in-person training opportunities. You can view and sign up for instructor-led training that’s relevant to you and easily find and complete online training.

Training you complete will appear on your transcript, so you can track your development and record progress toward your performance goals. In addition managers can use the tool to recommend or assign trainings to help employees advance in their career paths.

Managers finally have the ability to easily view reports for their staff, which will allow them to track and manage development opportunities quickly, easily, and effectively.

Talent @GW's learning module replaces the SkillPort online learning system. Lynda.com training is accessible in [email protected] GW, allowing your Lynda.com training to be added to your training transcript.

The [email protected] - Learning module launched on July 18, 2017.