[email protected] - Compensation

Being compensated for your hard work is important. In the past, Human Resource Management and Development has used a variety of disparate and outdated systems to manage employee compensation, which led to delays and separated the process from vital market data. In addition, requests and communications regarding compensation have been inconsistent and have varied by school/division, which adds time and confusion due to a lack of consistency.

Talent @GW - Compensation will help automate and standardize employee compensation at the university. All the information employees need will be in one place, giving employees a one-stop-shop for a clear picture of their compensation at GW.

The system also offers salary planning on an individual and unit level. Over time, tools like dashboards and automated compensation metrics (compa-ratio and salary ranges) will give managers and department heads easy access to key data. Merit recommendations and bonus requests will be submitted directly through the system, improving the efficiency of the process.

Talent @GW - Compensation will also provide significant enhancements to the merit process for employees and managers. For example, the merit process will be trackable and automated and will be linked directly to Talent @GW - Performance, making it easier for managers to view employee development and compensation throughout their department and over time.