Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Thank you for considering employment at the George Washington University. As a renowned institution of higher learning we aim to maintain an environment that better prepares all the members of our community for the complexity and diversity of our society. Our community is as diverse as the many backgrounds and occupations we represent. Learning, enrichment, opportunities, and work/life balance are just some of the rewards of joining our learning community.  Our employees are one of our most valued resources, and we are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce comprised of talented, qualified and hard working individuals who strive in the value of the diversity we constantly pursue.

Founded in 1821, GW is the largest institution of higher education and the largest private employer in the District of Columbia, to include ten academic units, with a full-time equivalent enrollment of a little over 20,000 students and approximately 11,000 employees.  The George Washington University is a community dedicated to learning, communication, respect, service and teamwork. As the largest private employer in the District of Columbia, the university seeks employees who support the teaching, research, and public service mission of the university.

The Human Resources (HR) team is committed to attracting, encouraging, and retaining a highly qualified workforce to support our mission of excellence in education and research.  We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes tuition benefits for employees and their eligible dependents, health and life insurance as well and many other supplemental programs and a generous retirement plan.

During the screening process, hiring managers assess the qualifications of the applicants and determine whether they have the requisite education and experience to be succeed at GW. The interview process gives the department the opportunity to ensure that the individual understands the mission of the unit and how it supports the overall mission of the university.

Led by the Human Resources team, our orientation process gives you insight into our rich history and vision as a leading educational institution.  As a new employee you will learn how your unique role contributes to the success of The George Washington University.

The Staff  Recruitment team works with both the applicants and the hiring managers to develop processes that ensure the most qualified candidates receive highest consideration for the positions they apply for.  It is the department’s role to evaluate salary proposals and assess credentials before making recommendations. If you would like to consider joining our organization, please view our current job postings by visiting GW Jobs.

GW is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer and institution.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Equal Employment Opportunity & HR Policy Compliance portal is design to assist you in managing employment related situation that may be impacting your work life, performance.