Resources to Help You

Resources to Help You

The university offers resources designed to assist you with both professional and personal concerns. This section describes the programs and offices that can help you deal with these issues. By knowing what resources are available to you, you will be able to use them appropriately and effectively.

6.1 Employee Relations

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Relations (EEO/ER) helps staff members and supervisors resolve performance or behavioral concerns that may arise. This unit also administers the staff Grievance Program and offers advice on corrective action which may include mediation, training, or discipline including termination.

6.2 Complaints and Resolutions

Supervisory personnel are expected to assist in handling employment matters. If work-related problems develop, you should discuss your concerns with your supervisor. Most problems can be resolved in this manner. If a situation remains unresolved, however, you should discuss it with your department head or Human Resources Representative. If these efforts are unsuccessful, the university provides employees with a staff grievance process. This process is coordinated by the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity/Employee Relations and is appropriate for resolving work-related matters arising from alleged unfair treatment in matters such as work assignments, promotions, transfers, discipline, or termination.

This office also coordinates the grievance process for work-related problems that involve allegations of discrimination (being treated differently) because of age, color, disability, national origin, race, sex, veteran status, or any other basis protected under applicable law.

Grievances must be filed within 15 calendar days of the challenged employment action, except for termination, which must be filed within 10 calendar days of the termination. Before filing a grievance, you must discuss the situation with a representative of EEO/ER and complete a request form. However, such a discussion does not extend the deadline for requesting a grievance hearing.

Medical residents may use the university's informal grievance procedures for work-related matters that involve allegations of discrimination (see above) and should consult the Resident Manual for additional information about other work-related matters. Employees represented by unions may use the university's grievance program for discrimination matters; all other work-related matters should be addressed through the union agreement.

You may obtain information about procedures and forms for requesting a grievance hearing from the EEO/ER by contacting EEO/ER at

6.3 Employee Assistance Program

The university’s Employee Assistance Program is called the Wellbeing Hotline. The Wellbeing Hotline is a confidential counseling and referral service that is available to assist employees in working through a wide range of personal and work-related concerns. Some of these concerns include family problems, emotional disturbances, alcoholism and drug addiction, on-the-job stress, or problems with co-workers, dependent/elder care. This service is available to staff at no charge.


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