Prospective ColonialTemps

ColonialTemps are placed in a variety of roles within departments throughout GW: administrative, financial and accounting, writing and editing, coordinating, student advising, marketing, information technology roles, and other roles.

About Assignments

ColonialTemps assignments are diverse in scope, and can last from one day to many months. Assignments become available for a variety of reasons. A department may need to supplement their existing staff or require coverage for an employee that has taken a temporary leave of absence or vacated their position permanently.

Assignments also vary in their respective job duties and requirements. Some departments may provide on-the-job training, while others may require that an applicant display a certain level of skill and experience in order to be considered.

ColonialTemps assignments may be located at any of GW’s campuses and locations, including the main Foggy Bottom campus, the Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, the Mount Vernon Campus, and additional office locations in Virginia and Rockville, MD.

Why ColonialTemps?

Working as a ColonialTemp offers the following opportunities:

  • Earn extra income.
  • Gain experience that may be beneficial as you apply for  permanent positions at the university.
  • Work for a nationally recognized institution of higher education.
  • Network with members of GW’s diverse community.

Apply Now

To apply, submit an application here. Once you have applied, ColonialTemps will call or email you to schedule an interview should an appropriate assignment become available. 

Contact Us

For additional information, contact ColonialTemps at 202-994-8078 or via email at


Patrice Briscoe

Patrice Briscoe

ColonialTemp for Office of Budget and Finance - Executive Assistant
ColonialTemp from Sept to Nov 2013, then transitioned to full-time employment

I enjoyed my experience so much. I knew that I wanted to stay at GW. It was a smooth transition from a temp to a permanent position. The tuition benefit is attractive, and my long-term career goals are to finish my bachelors’ degree and my dream would be to pursue my law degree. Just working here opens up those possibilities.

Angela Robinson

Angela Robinson

Administrative Coordinator, OGC 
Has used ColonialTemps for 3 years

The experience that I’ve had with ColonialTemps has far exceeded my expectations. I have been in the legal industry for a long time and I’ve always used the legal employment agencies because I thought that was the only place where I could find quality legal people. I have to admit that at first I was reluctant to use ColonialTemps, but I was surprised. I call ColonialTemps, and by the next day, I’ve got a superstar.

Robin Tse

Robin Tse

ColonialTemp at the School of Medicine - A/V Specialist
ColonialTemp from Oct 2013 to Mar 2014, then transitioned to full-time employment

ColonialTemps was a perfect match. I enjoyed the work. The temp position was a trial run and they gave me the responsibilities of a full-time employee so in the end, my transition was smooth. This job provides a lot of financial sustainability and benefits. ColonialTemps got me that opportunity – something that I’ve been seeking for many years.

Emily Poly

Emily Poly

Department Operations Supervisor, GW School of Business
Has used ColonialTemps since early 2013

I support several different teams within our department. Positions that we have filled through ColonialTemps range from research assistant, marketing assistant, desk receptionist and career consultant. ColonialTemps has excelled in responding in a timely manner to our inquiries. I would recommend them to any of my colleagues within the GW community.

Yury Metelski

Yury Metelski

ColonialTemp at Human Resources - ATS Auditor
ColonialTemp from Aug to Oct 2012, then transitioned full-time employment

William interviewed me right away, and he welcomed the new temps to GW. It was a great way to start off working at an organization. I got an assignment doing auditing-type work. For me it was a really good experience. I wanted to continue working at GW and the HR rep role was a really good fit. I think GW provides plenty of opportunities for changing your career or moving up.

Forjet Williams

Forjet WIlliams

ColonialTemp for CPS-Events - Event Coordinator
ColonialTemp from June 2013, transitioned to full-time employment

Working at GW has been a life-changing experience. There’s a mission and we all work together to make things happen. Because GW offers such a great discount I will be starting at GW this fall in GSHED. My supervisor was accommodating. This is an amazing community to work in and I'll recommend it to anyone. Going through ColonialTemps I’ve learned a lot.