Project Phases

Human Resource Management and Development is proud to announce [email protected] GW. [email protected] GW is an online hub for training, compensation, performance management, hiring, onboarding and succession planning.

Launching [email protected] GW: Project Phases

[email protected] GW will be rolled out over the next two years in a series of module launches. Each module represents a specialized area of the integrated system. 

As modules are launched, some Human Resource Management and Development systems (such as SkillPort) will be decommissioned. Training and support will be available for each phase as it is rolled out.

  • Centralized training with access to a wealth of resources is available now
  • An online performance management system that streamlines and simplifies the performance review process for staff and managers is currently used for the performance management process.
  • Recruitment and onboarding tools to help managers find and hire talented applicants faster (Fall 2019)
  • Resources for succession planning to ensure critical roles at the university are filled and to identify future leaders (2020)