Maintenance Medication Program

If you have a condition that requires ongoing prescription medication, you will receive the lowest total copay possible by requesting that your doctor provide a prescription for a 90-day supply of your medication. You will have the option to fill this 90-day prescription at any CVS Pharmacy or through CVS Caremark mail order, helping you save time and money! If you wish to fill your maintenance prescription at a retail
store other than a CVS Pharmacy you will pay a higher copay after your third fill.

To better understand the Maintenance Mail Order Program and what it means for you, check out this short video.

Prescription Copays

Options to fill Maintenance Prescription

Fill 90 day prescription at CVS Pharmacy

Fill 90 day prescription through Mail-Order

Continue to fill monthly at retail* (receive 30 day supply each fill)

Generic Drug Copay



$112.50 ($30/month)

Preferred Brand Copay



$262.50 ($55/month)

Non-Preferred Brand Copay



$525 ($105/month)

* 3 fills allowed at retail copays, then pay higher copays listed

To Get Started with a 90 Day Supply:

By Mail – Through the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy

  • Ask your doctor to fax or call in 90-day prescription(s) to the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy toll-free at 1 (800) 378-0323 (by fax) or 1 (800) 378-5697 (by phone).

  • Visit to order 90-day prescription(s) online. If you have not registered yet as a member, it takes only a few minutes to
    do so. Click on the “Order Prescriptions” link to get started and then click “Request a Prescription with FastStart®.”

  • To receive help getting your 90-day prescription, please call CVS Caremark’s FastStart Department toll-free at (800) 875-0867.

Your prescription(s) will be mailed directly to your home. You will pay nothing for regular shipping. Please allow 10-14 days for Caremark to receive, process, and mail your order. Expedited shipping is also available at a cost.

By Retail - Through your loca l CVS Pharmacy:

  • Ask your doctor to call in your 90-day prescription(s) to a local CVS Pharmacy

  • Call your local CVS Pharmacy to provide your prescription card information and arrange for your prescription(s) to be ready for pick up or

  • Bring your 90-day prescription(s) to your local CVS Pharmacy and provide your prescription card information

To find a CVS Pharmacy near you, visit

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