July 4th Safety

July 02, 2014

A Fourth of July celebration is traditionally synonymous with beautiful fireworks displays, bright colors and loud pops in the sky.  Fireworks can be safe if used correctly but they can also be responsible for injury if some safety rules are not followed.  

Here are some safety tips to keep you safe…

- If you do purchase fireworks this season, always purchase from a reliable source and place them in your trunk while transporting.

- Place fireworks in a spark-proof container such as a cardboard box. (Never carry fireworks on your body.)

- Never smoke or use any flame devices near fireworks.

- Never attempt to light a firework’s fuse indoors or in a vehicle.

- Never attempt to light or handle fireworks after consuming alcohol.

- Have one designated person (wearing safety glasses) to organize and ignite the fireworks safely.

- Use fireworks as directed on the consumer product safety label.

- Always have water ready to place the expired fire work in to soak for at least 20 minutes, after it is used.

- Never attempt to relight a fire work “dud”, or one which fails to ignite on the initial attempt.

For information for the GW community please view the Infomail from the Office of Safety and Security: Fourth of July Safety and Security.