Flex Time

Flex Time is an arrangement that allows a full time exempt or non-exempt staff member to work with his or her supervisor to set the work day starting and ending times that may differ from others in the unit; requires that an employee work the core hours identified by the department and, for non-exempt employees, must include a bona fide meal period.

Flex time schedules allow regular full-time exempt and non-exempt employees, with the concurrence of their supervisor and within certain limits, to set their starting and ending times for the workday. All employees are required to work a standard eight-hour day that includes “core hours” defined by the department. The workday schedule for a non-exempt employee must incorporate a 30 minute, 45 minute, or one hour bona fide meal period, which is time not worked and therefore time not paid. Exempt employees should follow departmental guidelines regarding meal periods. Below are examples of some flex time schedules:

Department With Core Hours of
10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Start Time

Bona Fide Meal Period

End Time

Hours Worked

Employee A

10 a.m.

30 minutes

6:30 p.m.

8 hours

Employee B

7 a.m.

45 minutes

3:45 p.m.

8 hours

Employee C

8:30 a.m.

1 hour

5:30 p.m.

8 hours

In order to create and Flex Time schedule, you and your supervisor will need to complete the Flex Time Request Form.