FAQ - Kronos System Outage December 2021

Frequently Asked Questions
Kronos System Outage December 2021 


As you may be aware, Kronos, the university’s third-party time reporting system, is currently unavailable due a cybersecurity incident that targeted Kronos.  Content from that message can be reviewed online

Q:    I am clocking in/out via TeleTime, why do I have to also record my time using the Manual Timesheet Form (PDF)

A:    Manual timesheets are required in the event the outage continues and we are not able to access the hours via the system.

  • If you are a biweekly paid employee, whether you clock in via TeleTime or computer, please continue to manually record your time using the Manual Timesheet Form (PDF). In addition to a Manual Timesheet Form (PDF), if you typically clock in via TeleTime, please continue to record punches as we will reconcile time entered from the system when it is restored. This is particularly important for those with shift differential, special overtime rules and students whose sick time-off accrual is based on actual hours worked. 
  • If you clock in via computer, please use the Manual Timesheet Form (PDF)
  • Please take note the need to record meal breaks and round time to the nearest quarter hour (15 minutes).


Q:    How long do biweekly paid employees have to manually record time and clock in and out?

A:    You should manually record time and clock in and out until the Kronos system comes back up. A message will be sent out as soon as the system is restored.


Q:    If I miss a clock in or out do I continue to clock in and out?

A.     If you forget to clock in or out, please continue clocking and record all time clocked so your timekeeper can use it to correct time once TRS is restored.


Q:    What if I worked a lot of hours during the last pay period?

A:    You can submit an approved manual timesheet, and we will replace the estimated hours.


Q:    What if an employee was terminated prior to the time file being used to pay employees?

A:    We will check for terminated employees prior to issuing payroll. Employees will not be paid for time after their termination.


Q:    When will the reconciliation of BW 24 to actual hours worked in BW26 be completed, including calculation of overtime and shift differential?

A:    We will begin the reconciliation process as soon as the system is restored.


Q:    What if an employee started after 12/11/21 and can not clock in and out?

A:    Please manually record time on a Manual Timesheet Form (PDF)


Q:    If I am set up for direct deposit, will my check still be deposited to my bank account?

A:    Yes, checks will still be deposited to bank accounts if set up for direct deposit.

Q:     How do I submit a time off request?

A:     Request the time off from your manager, keep a written record and submit the time off in Kronos when the system is restored.


Q:    How do you want a non-exempt part-timer to handle a day of the week when they have 3 work sessions and not just 2 that the manual timesheet provides spaces for? 

A:    Options for recording multiple shifts on one time sheet below.

  • If the employee does not work every day they can change the label for the days so you can use multiple lines for one day.
  • If they work every day you can use the two in and out fields for shift 1 and shift 2 and then mark somewhere if they took a meal break.
  • If neither of these work you can send in multiple time sheets. Please indicate Timesheet 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.

Q:   I have resigned or retired and have an annual time off balance. When can I expect my annual time payout due to me?

A:   Due to the system outage, we do not have access to view and process annual time balances.  Payroll is committed to paying balances due to employees and payouts will be processed as soon as the system is restored.