Family Back-Up Care

  • Is your child’s caregiver sick or unavailable?

  • Is school closed for holidays and breaks?

  • Does your stay-at-home spouse have an appointment?

  • Is your child mildly ill, but you are needed at work?

Colonial Community is proud to announce that The George Washington University has partnered with KinderCare Education to provide a comprehensive set of high quality Backup Care programs designed to assist benefit eligible faculty and staff when unexpected emergencies arise that impact your family care arrangements.

A work/life benefit that works for working families!

As an employee of The George Washington University you can use KinderCare Education programs to help keep your work/life balance on track. KinderCare Education offers a wide range of backup care services that allow support for every employee with backup care options to meet the specific needs of a distributed workforce who are caring for any family members – young or adult.

Benefit details

Employees will have 5 Uses Jan 1 through Dec 31 each calendar year

  • In-Center Care Copay: $10 per day/per child
    • Ages accepted vary by center
  • In-Home Copay: $6 per hour/per use
    • ​Additional charges apply if more than 3 enrolled dependents present

We encourage you to find out more about this exciting new program and put your mind at ease by registering your family today! For more information, please visit the KinderCare Education GWU Benefits page.

In-center backup child care

Offering an easy, high quality solution to employees when there’s a gap in the usual care provider’s schedule. KinderCare Education’s In-Center Backup Care Program takes advantage of specific KinderCare Education backup care centers and more than 1,600 KinderCare ® community-based early learning centers all located nationwide.

Reservations can be customized to meet your work schedule and children may come and go at any time during the center’s hours of operation. KinderCare Education’s network of backup care centers plan activities to encourage growth of the whole child-socially, emotionally, physically and creatively- and to provide a higher degree of comfort in a new group setting.

In-home backup care for children, adults and elders

Designed for employees in need of temporary or emergency care for well or sick children and adults/elder family members. KinderCare Education’s In-Home Backup Care Program provides access to a network of highly trained and experienced in-home care providers nationwide. A Customer Relations Specialists will assist you to schedule a quality caregiver to keep an eye on things at home while you’re re simply a phone call away.

The Family Care Benefit Program is very flexible and reservations can be placed at any time during the day or week. We realize that not all parents have the same work schedule and backup care needs may take a variety of forms. Care for family members of any age is available whenever you need to be at work – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The George Washington has subsidized the majority of the program’s cost. You only pay a minimal copayment for care services when you need them, and you can register to enroll your loved ones in advance. Reservations for care are accepted 30 days in advance up to the day care is needed.

Sign up or schedule care visit

KinderCare Education GWU Backup Care page or call 877-820-7190

Note: When creating a new account please select George Washington University for Employer/Affiliation. Leave Company Code and Employee ID blank.