Equal Employment Opportunity

The Equal Employment Opportunity & HR Policy Compliance portal is design to assist you in managing employment related situation that may be impacting your work life, performance. We will work with you towards attaining solutions that can lead to your success.


It is at the heart of our mission to enhance the university's fundamental commitment to equality and fairness in recruitment, selection, and employment at the university by applying the tenets of our affirmative action programs to expand and support diversity throughout the university; by guaranteeing an impartial, non-adversarial setting where grievances can be resolved through counseling and mediation; and by providing related training to staff employees.

Our Strengths

Our strengths are focused on supporting staff, management, union and research members of the university community identify and resolve work related performance and behavior concerns. Additionally, we support the administration of the university's union contracts facilitating full compliance. We are your main resource to initiate participation in the university's grievance program, and assistance in interpreting the GW Supervisor's Guide to better manage to success.

Grievance Program

The grievance program is available for resolving work-related matters arising from perceived unfair treatment in areas such as work assignments, promotions, transfers, discipline, or termination. Grievances must be filed within fifteen (15) calendar days of the alleged employment action, except for a grievance based on termination, which must be filed within ten (10) calendar days of the termination.
Before filing a grievance, you are welcome to discuss the situation with one of our representatives and then based on the nature of the concern, we can assist you determine whether to engage our Consultative services or initiate the Informal Grievance process. To initiate the informal grievance process you need to fill out an EEO & HR Policy Compliance Consultation & Grievance Form and forward to our attention via fax, email, by mail or in person. 

Equal Employment Opportunity

We pride ourselves on being a champion to the university's commitment to fair treatment of all members of its community and the main source of education to the university community on how to further our success and understanding of the value of a diverse workforce in our global environment.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement