Employee Relations

The Employee & Labor Relations Department assists employees in regular, union, and research positions as well as supervisors in identifying and resolving work-related performance and behavior concerns. Additionally, E&LR administers the university's union contracts and participates in union negotiations. 

This department administers the university's grievance program, conducts exit interviews, oversees the FMLA program and is also available to assist in interpreting the GW Supervisor's Guide.

The grievance program is available for resolving work-related matters arising from alleged unfair treatment in areas such as work assignments, promotions, transfers, discipline, or termination. Grievances must be filed within fifteen (15) calendar days of the alleged employment action, except for a grievance based on termination, which must be filed within ten (10) calendar days of the termination. Before filing a grievance, you must discuss the situation with a representative of the Employee & Labor Relations Department and complete an Informal Grievance Request Form.