E-Verify Requirements

  • E-Verify Process must be conducted

    1. When an offer of employment is accepted
    2. I-9 form is completed: I-9 form is still required and must be completed no later than the start date of employment, but may be completed as early as the date an offer of employment is accepted.
  • The E-Verify system does not replace the requirement of employers to complete an I-9 form for all new employees within three days of hire.

  • The E-Verify system requires that (a) the I-9 form be completed first, and retained according to specific retention rules, and (b) the information from the I-9 form be entered into the E-Verify system to confirm the person’s identity and employment eligibility.

  • The university is required to initiate an E-Verify query no later than the end of three business days after the new hire’s actual start date, and after the I-9 form has been completed by both the new employee and the department representative.

  • The E-Verify system also requires that the new hire have a valid Social Security Number (SSN).

  • If the employee does not yet have a SSN, the university should wait to run the E-Verify query until that employee has received a SSN.

The I-9 form itself must still be completed within three days of hire, and a notation should be made to explain why the E-Verify query was not run within three days of hire.