Current Projects

Human Resources is focused on enhancing service delivery to the GW community through initiatives aligned with our strategic pillars. The listing of current priorities is intended to provide insight into the focal points for Human Resources based on feedback from our constituents.

If you have questions about one of our current projects, please contact the project manager listed for the respective project.

Strategic Pillar Initiative Project Objectives Success Indicators
Talent Management

Career Path Program

June 2016

Sponsor: John Kosky
Owner: Merica Dito
Project Manager: Mary Lee

  • Replace the outdated classification structure with a career path oriented job structure
  • Implement new market based pay structure
  • Simplify the job classification process
  • New Career Path website offering transparent career options for staff
  • Tools and training for hiring managers to make informed classification and pay decisions based on market pay
  • Tools and training for hiring managers to explain and navigate new job classification process

Human Capital Management System Business Case

July 2016

Sponsors: Ann McCorvey, Dave Steinour, Dale McLeod, Terry Murphy
Owner: Dale McLeod
Project Manager: Jeremy Rein

  • Develop business case to invest in a Human Capital Management system aligned with current/future business requirements
  • Define return on investment
  • Determine opportunities for operational efficiency
Efficient Service Delivery
Initiative Project Objectives Success Indicators

Applicant Tracking System and Banner HR Integration

October 2016

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owner: Mike Gardner
Project Manager: Brian Wright 

  • Integrate applicant tracking and position management system with Banner HR system (HR ERP)
  • Streamline data entry
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Reduced time for onboarding process through elimination of redundant data entry

Research Hiring Optimization

July 2016

Sponsor: Ann McCorvey
Owners: Dale McLeod, Christine Partridge
Project Manager: Mary Lee

  • Simplify process for the recruitment and hiring of Research staff
  • Create a paperless process for recruitment and hiring of Research staff
  • Reduced time for hiring process
  • Improved ability to track recruitment process
  • Tools for Principle Investigators to facilitate process

Employee Life Cycle Changes Optimization

December 2016

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owner: Mike Gardner
Project Manager: Mary Lee

  • Establish standardized paperless processes for select workflows: reclassification, supervisor change, job location change, full-time equivalency change, organizational change
  • Measure processing times
  • Improved status tracking
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Automated routing and enabling of electronic signatures


Manual of Employment Practices

August 2016

Sponsor: John Kosky
Owner: Merica Dito

  • Document procedures for employee lifecycle changes
  • Define turnaround timeframes for all  process tasks
  • Manual outlining standard processes
  • Improved consistency in the HR practices
  • Service Level Agreements for employee lifecycle changes

Wage Hire Optimization

April 2017

Sponsor: Ann McCorvey
Owners: Dale McLeod, John Kosky
Project Manager: Mary Lee

  • Develop a centralized and standardized process for recruiting and hiring Temporary Wage Staff and Colonial Temps
  • Streamline existing policies around wage hire employment practices
  • Develop specific postings for each type of position classification
  • Create an electronic process for sourcing from Colonial Temps
  • Ability to quickly acquire temporary staff with the required skill sets
  • Improved compliance with standard HR hiring practices
  • Increased utilization of Colonial Temps
  • Continued reduction of costs of external temp agencies
Initiative Project Objectives Success Indicators

Affirmative Action Plan

June 2016

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owner: Vickie Fair

  • Complete and report AAP
  • Improved ability to identify underrepresentation in the workforce
  • Development of an interview and selection strategy to ensure equal employment opportunities

HR Policies, Practices and Standards

August 2016 (Handbook)
August 2017 (Toolkit)

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owners: Vickie Fair, Tanya Bell, Christine Partridge
Project Manager: Mary Lee

  • Ensure that guidance for managers and employees reflects current HR practices and regulatory requirements
  • Develop related tools and training for supervisors
  • Establish a regular maintenance review process
  • A set of policies, procedures and guidance for employees reflective of current regulatory requirements and HR practices
  • Revised employee Handbook
  • Creation of manager's toolkit and/or training

Background Check Redesign/Reconciliation

July 2016

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owner: John Kosky
Project Manager: Tanya Bell

  • Limit the background check policy for students in financially sensitive roles, or roles sensitive to safety and security. Specifically, where students:
    • Have access to keys
    • Work in residence halls
    • Work with minors
    • Drive university vehicles
    • Have access to sensitive data
    • Engage in financial transactions
  • Change interval for background check requirement upon transfer from one to five years.
  • Develop reports to monitor compliance
  • Expedited hire of student employees
  • Reduced background check administration costs
  • Consistent application of background screening policy