Current Projects

Human Resources is focused on enhancing service delivery to the GW community through initiatives aligned with our strategic pillars. The listing of current priorities is intended to provide insight into the focal points for Human Resources based on feedback from our constituents.

If you have questions about one of our current projects, please contact the project manager listed for the respective project.

Strategic Pillar Initiative Project Objectives Success Indicators
Talent Management

Talent Management Suite Implementation

Target Date: April 2019 

Owners: Dale McLeod, Interim VP, Human Resources, Joe Wilson, HR Change Management Consultant

  • Foster a unified, engaging, and efficient platform for employees to interact with human resources processes while meeting the current and future needs of GW
  • Establishment of more robust and automated onboarding, hiring, compensation, performance management, learning, and succession planning functionality
  • Sequential deployment and implementation of the following modules:
    • Learning Management
    • Performance Management
    • Compensation Management
    • Recruitment & Onboarding
    • Succession Planning

Performance Management System Implementation

Target Date: November 2017

Owner: Joe Wilson, HR Change Management Consultant

  • Automate performance management forms and approval workflow to reduce administrative burden on managers and employees
  • Increase organizational alignment by providing a line of sight from employee goals to university strategic priorities 
  • Provide a streamlined platform for ongoing coaching, feedback, and recognition in order to drive a culture of continuous development
  • Increase engagement by helping employees identify opportunities for growth and aligning developmental activities with their career path
  • Reduction in time allocated to the administration of performance management
  • Achieve 100% performance review completion rate for merit pay
  • Increase in performance rating consistency and understanding 
  • Enhanced individual and organizational performance via integrated professional development and ongoing feedback
  • Increased alignment between competency development, goal achievement, and career path progression
  • Ability to produce substantive reports that allow analysis at the unit, department, division, and university level

Recruitment Management System / Onboarding System Implementation

Target Date: November 2018 

Owner: Ian Matthew-Clayton, Director, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

  • Replace the PeopleAdmin system as the university's applicant tracking system
  • Improve the applicant experience
  • Reduce time-to-fill and time-to-hire metrics
  • Create a holistic and integrated approach to welcome new hires and set the stage for success and retention
  • Increase ability to create talent pipelines and source applicants
  • Integrate and automate the background screening process
  • Improve the GW employment brand
  • Decreased time between job posting, candidate selection, and hire
  • Improved regulatory and GW policy compliance related to new hires
  • Increased retention and performance of new hires
  • Metrics are leveraged for strategic talent acquisition and recruitment decisions
  • Expedient and efficient background screening process
Efficient Service Delivery
Initiative Project Objectives Success Indicators

Contingent Workforce Administration

Target Date: December 2017

Owner: Ian Matthew-Clayton, Director, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

  • Develop a centralized, standardized, and paperless process for recruiting and hiring temporary staff and Colonial Temps
  • Increase utilization of Colonial Temps
  • Reduce spending on external temporary staffing vendors
  • Temporary staff with the required skill sets are efficiently and expediently acquired
  • Increased utilization of Colonial Temps
  • Reduced spending on external temporary staffing agencies
  • Streamlined and paperless wage hire process
  • Improved sourcing of temporary staff and available talent pipelines

HR Analytics Phase I

Target Date: September 2017

Owner: Mike Gardner, Director, HR Information Systems

  • Develop executive and operational dashboards of metrics pertaining to workforce demographics, I-9 compliance, and retention
  • Ability to provide insight into Human Capital Management key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Drive decisions based on accurate and timely data

Compensation Management System Implementation

Target Date: March 2018

Owner: Merica Dito, Director of Compensation

  • Provide visibility into pay information and structure to aid management in making appropriate and informed pay decisions
  • Automate compensation administration process
  • Increase employee awareness of the overall value of financial rewards via total rewards statements
  • Provide a Total Compensation Statement
  • Greater transparency and insight into total rewards
  • Employee merit process fully automated
  • Compensation and performance management systems are fully integrated and drive a pay-for-performance culture
  • Ability to create custom reports/dashboards for fair, appropriate, and accurate compensation reporting across the university
  • Ability to create competitive compensation plans using organizational, performance, and market data


Onboarding Redesign

Target Date: November 2017

Owner: Mandi Osoba, Manager, Workplace Learning & Development

  • To design and develop a comprehensive onboarding program aimed at:
    • Orienting new employees to GWs vision
    • Redesigning the face-to-face orientation event
    • Incorporating clearly identified milestones and checklists
    • Being more relational than transactional
    • Incorporating learning through others
    • Identifying and incorporating role and department specific tasks
    • Allowing for measurement of impact
  • New employees feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings
  • Minimize time before new employees are fully productive members of their departments

HR Website Migration

Target Date: September 2017

Owner: Kim Carusone, Manager, HR Communications

  • Transition the HR website to the updated Drupal Editorial theme
  • Increase focus on audience (prospective and current employees) in resources and content
  • Improved design with responsive layout
  • Simplified access to information
Initiative Project Objectives Success Indicators

Managers' Toolkit

Target Date: July 2017

Owner: Mandi Osoba, Manager, Workplace Learning & Development

  • Consolidate human resources guidelines, support, and tools managers need in one place
  • Develop a guide for managers that contains practical information including:
    • Recruiting and Hiring Employees
    • Onboarding Employees
    • Developing Employees
    • Offboarding Employees
  • Managers have easily accessible tools and resources to enhance skills in leading and developing staff, as well as in effectively handling a variety of supervisory situations.

Affirmative Action Plan

Target Date: October 2017

Owner: Vickie Fair, Assistant VP, Employee Relations and EEO

  • Complete and report AAP
  • Improved ability to identify underrepresentation in the workforce
  • Development of an interview and selection strategy to ensure equal employment opportunities