Completed Projects


Date of Completion Initiative Project Scope Benefits to GW Community

July 2017

Learning Management System Implementation (Talentspace@GW - Learning)

Owner: Mandi Osoba, Manager, Workplace Learning & Development


  • Provided a platform to deliver targeted and structured formal training (instructor-led courses, web-based training, compliance training, etc.)
  • Improved access to developmental resources, increase employee engagement, and support organizational goals


  • Ability to assign employees developmental activities and track their progress
  • Consolidation of GW's developmental and compliance-related resources into one platform
  • Automation of training registration, course completion tracking, and data reporting
  • Ability to create customized learning programs that encourage employees to invest in their own development
  • Increased performance through targeted and cohesive learning experiences

December 2016

Employee Life Cycle Changes Optimization

Sponsor: Dale McLeod

Owner: Mike Gardner

Project Manager: Mary Lee


  • Established standardized paperless processes for select workflows:
    • reclassification,
    • supervisor change,
    • job location change,
    • full-time equivalency change,
    • organizational change
  • Measured processing times


  • Improved status tracking
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Automated routing and enabling of electronic signatures

August 2016

Manual of Employment Practices

Sponsor: John Kosky
Owner: Merica Dito


  • Documented procedures for employee lifecycle changes
  • Defined turnaround timeframes for all process tasks


  • Manual outlining standard processes
  • Improved consistency in the HR practices
  • Service Level Agreements for employee lifecycle changes

August 2016

HR Policies, Practices and Standards (Handbook)

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owners: Vickie Fair, Tanya Bell, Christine Partridge
Project Manager: Mary Lee


  • Ensured that guidance for managers and employees reflects current HR practices and regulatory requirements
  • Established a regular maintenance review process


  •  A set of policies, procedures and guidance for employees reflective of current regulatory requirements and HR practices
  • Revised and updated Employee Handbook

July 2016

Human Capital Management System Business Case

Sponsors: Ann McCorvey, Dave Steinour, Dale McLeod, Terry Murphy
Owner: Dale McLeod
Project Manager: Jeremy Rein


  • Developed business case to invest in a Human Capital Management system aligned with current/future business requirements


  • Defined return on investment
  • Determined opportunities for operational efficiency

July 2016

Research Hiring Optimization

Sponsor: Ann McCorvey
Owners: Dale McLeod, Christine Partridge
Project Manager: Mary Lee


  • Simplified process for the recruitment and hiring of Research staff


  • Created a paperless process for recruitment and hiring of Research staff


  • Reduced time for hiring process


  • Improved ability to track recruitment process


  • Tools for Principle Investigators to facilitate process

July 2016

Background Check Redesign/Reconciliation

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owner: John Kosky
Project Manager: Tanya Bell


  • Limited the background check policy for students in financially sensitive roles, or roles sensitive to safety and security. Specifically, where students:


    • Have access to keys

    • Work in residence halls

    • Work with minors

    • Drive university vehicles

    • Have access to sensitive data

    • Engage in financial transactions


  • Changed interval for background check requirement upon transfer from one to five years.


  • Developed reports to monitor compliance


  • Manual outlining standard processes
  • Improved consistency in the HR practices
  • Expedited hire of student employees

  • Reduced background check administration costs

  • Consistent application of background screening policy

June 2016

Career Path Program

Sponsor: John Kosky
Owner: Merica Dito
Project Manager: Mary Lee


  • Replaced the outdated classification structure with a career path oriented job structure

  • Implemented new market based pay structure

  • Simplified the job classification process


  • New Career Path website offering transparent career options for staff

  • Tools and training for hiring managers to make informed classification and pay decisions based on market pay

  • Tools and training for hiring managers to explain and navigate new job classification process

June 2016

Affirmative Action Plan

Sponsor: Dale McLeod
Owner: Vickie Fair


  • Completed and reported AAP


  • Improved ability to identify underrepresentation in the workforce

  • Development of an interview and selection strategy to ensure equal employment opportunities