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Working at GW is an experience that allows every employee an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Explore the current job opportunities on our GW jobs website; learn about employee benefits on our benefits website and through our work-life program, Your Life at GW.

For your convenience, an overview of our application process is provided below. Thank you for your interest in a career at GW.


Apply to GW Jobs


If you find a position to which you would like to apply, you will need to complete an online application through GW Jobs in order to be considered. To begin this process:

  • Create an account with GW Jobs. You will be asked to provide your employment history, references, and other relevant information. This information will be saved with your account should you wish to apply for any other positions at GW.
  • Once you complete the online application process, you will receive a confirmation number, which you should retain.
  • You may check the status of your application at any time by logging into the system.

The Application and Initial Screening Process

All complete applications and accompanying resumes are forwarded to the hiring department for screening. Optional demographic data supplied by applicants is not sent to the hiring department.

The hiring department is responsible for screening all applications and resumes to determine if an individual applying for the vacant position can be considered an applicant (any individual who applies and satisfies the minimum qualifications of the position description). The hiring department is also responsible for further screening of identified candidates (applicants who meets the minimum qualifications and receive consideration for the position based on job criteria and departmental needs).

When the screening process is complete, the hiring department selects the most qualified candidates and arranges for interviews.

  • Who is an Applicant

An applicant is an individual who applies to a posted position and satisfies the stated minimum qualifications of the position outlined in the classification description.

  • Who is a Candidate

A candidate is an applicant who meets the stated minimum qualifications for a posted position and receives consideration for employment by the hiring department. Evaluations made in determining who is a candidate must be based on job-related criteria and departmental needs.

When a University Employee Applies

If you are already a university employee and apply for another position, in addition to determining whether you meet the definition of an applicant, the hiring department will check that you are eligible for transfer.

Employees may not be considered for transfer to a regular position if they currently are:

  • In an introductory employment period: GW employees within an IEP who apply to open positions will be disqualified.
  • In a transfer probation period
  • On probation for poor work performance or habits

Hiring departments with questions regarding the transfer eligibility of an employee should contact their HR representative.

When an Applicant is Better Suited for a Different Position

Sometimes a hiring department may believe that you are better suited for a vacancy other than the one for which you applied. In this case, you may be contacted by the hiring department in order to find out if you are interested in the position that they have identified. If you are interested, you will be advised to submit an application for the other position.

The hiring department is responsible for interviewing candidates.

All employment interviews will be conducted fairly and consistently. All interview questions will be relevant to the performance of the applicable position. Certain subjects or areas of inquiry are unlawful or inappropriate topics for interview questions.

For further information, please review Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

If you are identified as the finalist, a university representative will contact you to verbally extend the job offer. During the verbal offer discussion, all specifics of the job offer will be communicated, and you will be advised that the offer is contingent on successful completion of a background screening and favorable professional references.

If you need additional time to consider the offer, you will be given an agreed upon date by which a final decision is needed and encouraged to reach out within the decision period if clarification is needed on any aspect of the offer.

When the Job Offer Is Accepted

An offer letter will be sent to you. Reference checks will be conducted, and once the finalist has given permission, any applicable background checks will be started. Upon successful completion of reference and background checks, the office will schedule you for the appropriate New Hire Orientation session and prepare the necessary hire paperwork.

Background screenings and verification of relevant information help protect the safety and security of the university’s students, faculty, staff, and guests, as well as university assets, by reducing the likelihood of crime, injury, or loss, and by increasing confidence in the university’s workforce.

This policy applies to all GW departments across the university. All faculty, student workers, and staff positions are covered in this policy.

The standard background screening includes:

  • Criminal History Screening (Sex Offender Registry Search)
  • Education/Degree/Certifications Verification
  • Social Security Number Trace

Additional screenings, as determined by the VP of HR or designee, may include, but are not limited to, a Motor Vehicle Record Search (MVR), medical examinations by a physician, and drug screenings as appropriate to the position and consistent with business necessity.

All jobs posted through GW Jobs identify the types of background screening required for the particular position.

Background screenings for current employees being promoted or transferred are only required if a background screening has not been conducted in the past five years. Additional screenings, such as a Motor Vehicle Records Search (MVR), may be required based on the position and if it has not been conducted in the past five years. Internal finalists will be notified if a screening is required.

Should the background screening result in a current employee not being hired into the covered position, s/he may lose employment, remain in his/her original position, or the original position may be altered, at the discretion of the university.

If a finalist decides not to participate in the background screening, the university will conclude that the finalist has withdrawn her/his name, and the finalist will no longer be under consideration.

A criminal record or other adverse results are not an automatic bar to employment at the university. The university will consider the duties and responsibilities of the job sought, impact the adverse result will have on ability to perform job duties, age at the time of the adverse result, passage of time and the severity, frequency, and nature of the report, and information produced establishing rehabilitation or good character.