About the Office


Mission Statement

Human Resources exists to support the larger mission of the university in teaching, research and community engagement. We are committed to developing and maintaining a workplace that supports our diverse body of faculty and staff and that upholds each of the university’s values. Collectively we serve as advocates for the GW community to consistently provide discreet, valuable and personalized service that is timely and responsive.

Faculty & Staff Service Center

For many of our employees, our Faculty & Staff Service Center (FSSC), which opened July 2010 and is managed by our HR Operations team, provides a one-stop-shop for human resources, benefits, parking, payroll and more. Along with our FSSC Associates, our Client Partners group is made up of a skilled team of HR service delivery representatives embedded within schools and divisions who can provide on-the-ground HR service customized to the individual needs of our clients.

A number of departments work behind the scenes to support our FSSC staff and HR representatives and provide subject matter expertise.


Compensation is responsible for administering the university's pay and job classification programs based on market-based job evaluations.

EEO & Employee Relations

The EEO & Employee Relations provides consultative services to assist staff with situations that involve allegations of unfair treatment, sexual harassment, discrimination and affirmative action, as well as disability and religious accommodations.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness provides a range of activities and resources to promote work-life balance, health & wellness, and employee recognition, with the goal of building a sense of community among faculty and staff. Take advantage of the many programs and resources we offer to you as a GW faculty or staff member.

HR Information Systems

The HR Information Systems department is responsible for collecting, maintaining and reporting employee data. They also manage the employment eligibility process (I-9), maintain the GW on-line telephone directory, oversee the employee records termination process, and create affiliate NetID accounts.

HR Service Delivery

The HR service delivery team provides comprehensive Human Resources services. HR Service Delivery representatives provide expertise in a variety of human resource functions and serve as the primary contact between divisions and/or schools and HR’s other subject matter expert departments. 

Workplace Learning & Development

Workplace Learning & Development is a professional development resource to GW staff in the schools and divisions. WLD’s vision is to help GW be recognized as an employer of choice who attracts and retains the right talent because it is known for helping people reach their full potential.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment works with both applicants and the hiring managers to develop processes that ensure the most qualified candidates receive highest consideration for the positions they apply for. Responsibilities of the department include position postings, closures, and maintenance, ad placements, candidate screenings, People Admin end user support, preparation of offer letters, orientation registration and background checks.