Sick Time-Off

GW regular staff employees (whether full-time or part-time) accrue paid sick time.  Accrued sick time is credited on the last working day of each month but, different than annual time, sick time may not be used prior to its actual accrual.  Sick time may be used for absences due to illness or medical treatment or medical care of you or a family member.  As used in this policy, the term “family member” means a  child, spouse or domestic partner, stepchild, foster child, parent (including step-parents), parents of spouse, grandparents, grandchildren, spouses of children (including step-children, foster children, and grandchildren), siblings (including step-siblings and half-siblings), the spouses of brothers and sisters (including step-siblings and half-siblings), a child who lives with the employee and for whom the employee permanently assumes and discharges parental responsibility, and a person with whom the employee shares or has shared, for not less than the preceding of 12 months, a mutual residence and maintains a committed relationship.  Sick time may also be used for any period of approved leave under the Federal or D.C. Family and Medical Leave Acts.   

In accordance with the DC Sick and Safe Leave Act, sick time may also be used in the event that an employee or an employee’s family member (as defined above) is the victim of stalking, domestic violence, or sexual abuse and the absence is directly related to seeking medical, social or legal services pertaining to the violent or abusive conduct. The employee’s time may be used to obtain help from a victim services organization, prepare for or take legal action relating to the conduct, seek medical attention or counseling, or to relocate. The employee may also use sick time to take any other action that could be reasonably determined  to enhance the physical, psychological or economic health of the employee or the employee’s family member or the safety of those who work with or associate with the employee.

Sick time begins accruing after an employee’s first working day of the month and it is credited at the end of each month.  If a regular employee is in their first three months of employment with the university and need to use accrued sick time, the employee’s supervisor should consult with University Human Resources before approving or denying the request.

Sick time need not be used during the fiscal year in which it is accrued. A regular full-time or part-time employee can accrue and carry over up to a maximum of 180 days of sick time (180 days x 8 hours).   However, upon termination from the university (termination for any reason) employees are never paid for unused accrued sick time

Sick Time Accrual
Administration of Sick Time